Many want to see a real live bear. Going with an experienced photographer assigned photo hides on the Russian border is a dream for many hobby photographers. Magnus makes three trips in 2017. One in March for winter predators. One in May for wolf and bears mating season and one in July for bear cubs You're in different hides for five nights and have a chance to photograph bears, wolverines and wolves.
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Predators Week with focus on Brown Bear cubs. July 7-15 2015

Join me for a predators week in Finland. July 7-15 2015.

We visit two different Bear watching centers.
In total , we spend 5 nights in professional photo hides.
Very high likelihood of bear up close. Photo hides and time of year is selected to provide high chances of small bear cubs .
In addition, there is a chance to see the wolf and wolverine.
Wolf and Bear by Magnus Nyman
Our hides are in three different environments. Swamp, lake and forest .
All to give You great opportunities to get different backgrounds on the pictures.

All participants will get to sit at least once in every environment.
Brown Bear in forest by Magnus Nyman
Our itinerary is July 7 night boat Kappelskär to Turku.
On the boat included buffet in the evening and breakfast in the morning.
Then travel by car through Finland on July 8. Lunch along the way. Arrive in the evening. Dinner and sleep indoors. Alternatively, airport transfers.
July 9 breakfast. Tips from Magnus at how it works in the hide and what to consider when photographing bears.
Dinner and transportation out to our hides. Night in photohide. In the morning pick up at hide and breakfast at the Remote Forest Lodge. Rest , rest all day until dinner and then hide again . After two nights we change bear center and traveling during the day on 11 July.
Brown Bear cubs by Magnus Nyman
Then follows three nights in a bear hide (July 11, 12 and 13) with the rest of the day. Here frequented sites often of female bears with cubs this year that is now the size of a dachshund. It is a very unusual phenomenon in other places. After last night, it will be breakfast and journey to Turku. Night boat to Sweden and arrival in Kappelskär on the morning of 15 July.

We carpool in cars and equally share the travel allowance regardless of how many are in each car. Obviously , we use cars loading capacity in a convenient and sensible way . The choice of the car instead of flying is easy. We want to bring the whole camera equipment and take care of baggage handling yourself.
Carpooling is from Kappelskär or earlier where possible . It is helpful if you provide if you're willing to drive with your car.
Car trip length in Finland is estimated to a total 1900 km.

ALONE in the hide all night
You will be placed alone in the various photo hides each night. We try to follow your wishes on the environment. The goal is for everyone to get all environments. If discussions , the final decision on who sits where is Magnus Nyman.
Brown Bear cubs by Magnus Nyman
You can not stand in the photohide . You spend the whole night in the hide . You have to carry all your gear to hide that can stand 1,7 km from the road. Accommodation is in double rooms. There are shower, electricity and sauna for those who wish.

The price depends on the exchange rate because a large part of the payment is made in Euros.
The boat is paid about a month in advance.
Blinds, accommodation and meals paid locally by credit card or in cash.
Mileage allowance for drivers assigned to the number of participants.
Even those who do not photograph or marriage partner is welcome on the trip.
If you want to have company in the hide is crowded but possible. However, price is per person not per hide.

Group size 5

Black kite on brown bear safari by Magnus Nyman

Black Kite

Brown Bear in forest by Magnus Nyman



Brown Bear at lake by Magnus Nyman



Brown Bear summer night by Magnus Nyman